The UCDA has over 4,700 members in
over 500 communities across Ontario.

Our goal is to help foster a fair used
vehicle buying experience that safeguards
both the consumer and the dealer.

Use this site for valuable information
about the car buying process, including:

Buyer’s checklist Avoiding Curbsiders Finding a dealer Finding a car

Free Mediation

When the customer and dealer can’t agree – try a free mediation.Today in Ontario, the process of buying a used car from a dealer is usually businesslike and pleasant. But occasionally s...
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The Ontario Safety Standards Certificate

Is the Ontario Safety Standards Certificate also a warranty?In a word, no. When it comes to buying a used vehicle, the Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) is an essential part of the pro...
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Saturday Morning

Watch the UCDA Commercial to see why you should find your next car at!...
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