Dealer Complaints

UCDA offers professional assistance with dealership complaints in Ontario
Find out how UCDA can help you with dealer complaints including disputes about a bill of sale and used car warranty issues.

Problem With a Car Dealer?

The UCDA offers free mediation services to assist you with dealer complaints. Our Mediation program is designed to provide you with help regarding dealership complaints in Ontario.

Call us at 1-800-268-2598 or 416 231-2600 for your inquiries regarding our dealer/consumer Mediation services.

Jim Hamilton – Mediator

Dealership Complaints: Case Study

John buys a six year old car for $6,000. Ten days after the purchase, the transmission begins to slip. John thinks the dealer should pay to have it fixed. The dealer says, “You bought it 'as is', there’s nothing I can do for you”.

John is outraged. The cost of repairing the transmission will easily run upwards of $1,000. In its present condition, the car can’t be driven. John needs his car for work, it’s the only transportation he has.

Right now, John has nothing good to say about the dealer. He thinks the dealer sold him a defective vehicle. Surely, for $6,000, he can expect it to last longer than ten days!

For his part, the dealer didn’t know the transmission was on its last legs. It seemed fine when he took it on trade. John struck a hard bargain and brought the dealer as low as he could go on the selling price. The dealer told John that for this price he could not give him any warranty on the car. John would be buying it “As Is”. Not expecting any problems like this so soon, John agreed.

What options does John have? He needs to have the transmission fixed. It would seem that John’s choices are limited. He could pay for the repairs and then go after the dealer in small claims court, but even if John eventually obtains a judgment, and there’s no guarantee that he will, it could take a year to come to trial. In the meantime, John is out the thousand dollars it will take to fix the transmission.

John’s impression of all dealers is pretty poor at present. How UCDA can help John with his dealer complaints?

Help With Dealer Complaints

The UCDA provides a free Mediation Program to help resolve consumer issues with dealer complaints in Ontario.

There is an alternative for consumers to explore before resorting to the courts. The Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario (UCDA), is a non-profit organization made up of almost five thousand registered motor vehicle dealers in Ontario.

The UCDA’s mission is to enhance the image of the industry. One of the cornerstones the UCDA builds upon is Mediation.

Watch video to learn how the UCDA look out for the consumer.

Jim Hamilton – Mediator

What is the Mediation Program?

Our specialized team of mediators ensure that both dealer and consumer are given a fair opportunity to make their points. The program is designed to help resolve dealer complaints quickly and efficiently, often within a few days of the launch of the concern.

The goal of the UCDA mediation program is to intervene with dealer complaints that have not been properly addressed to the satisfaction of either the dealer or the consumer. Learn more about Mediation process at UCDA.

Who is Eligible to Use the Mediation Program?

The Mediation Program is available to any consumer involved in a used vehicle transaction, even if the seller is not a UCDA dealer. The UCDA has even successfully assisted consumers who have purchased a vehicle from a curbsider.

Consumers are often referred to the UCDA through automobile clubs, used vehicle publications, or Government Ministries. Consumers are also welcome to contact the UCDA directly, without a referral.

This video explains that the UCDA offers mediation even if the dealer is not a UCDA member.

Jim Hamilton – Mediator

How do I obtain mediation from the UCDA?

The UCDA encourages consumers to first try to resolve dealer complaints with the seller directly, as often a problem is the result of a miscommunication. To speak to our mediation team and begin the mediation process, call 1-800-268-2598 or 416 231-2600 locally or email at

Find out more about Mediation program and visit our FAQ-mediation page.