Frequently Asked Questions
The UCDA provides a free Mediation Program to help resolve issues between the consumer and dealer. Our specialized team of mediators ensure that both dealer and consumer are given a fair opportunity to make their points. The program is designed to help resolve matters quickly and efficiently, often within a few days of the launch of the concern.

The goal of the UCDA mediation program is to intervene with issues that have not been properly addressed to the satisfaction of either the dealer or the consumer.
The Mediation Program is available to any consumer involved in a used vehicle transaction, even if the seller is not a UCDA dealer. The UCDA has even successfully assisted consumers who have purchased a vehicle from a curbsider.

Consumers are often referred to the UCDA through automobile clubs, used vehicle publications, or Government Ministries. Consumers are also welcome to contact the UCDA directly, without a referral.
The UCDA encourages consumers to first try to resolve issues with the seller directly, as often a problem is the result of a miscommunication.

To speak to our mediation team and begin the mediation process, call 1-800-268-2598 or (416) 231-2600 locally, fax us at 416-232-0775 or email at