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With more than 5000 UCDA members in Ontario it’s easy to find used car dealerships near you.
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Used Car Dealerships Near Me

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How to Work With a Used Car Dealerships

  1. With 4900 UCDA members located over 500 communities across Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Vaughan, London, Oakville, and Barrie, you’re sure to find a convenient used car dealerships nearby.
  2. Make an appointment at the dealership to test drive the vehicle
  3. For trade-ins: the used car dealer will explain the trade-in value that you’ll get towards the purchase price of your new used car.
  4. For financing: it is standard industry practice for most used car dealers to be set up with banks and other lending institutions.
  5. When financing has finally been approved, the dealer will provide you with details of exactly how to pick up your new car from the used car dealership.

Tips about Used Car Dealerships

Below, you will find some common topics that are worth taking a look at if you want to find out more about used car dealerships, including how to find a used car dealer near you. Learn about the important differences between buying a car from a used car dealer and buying one from a private seller: can a used car dealer find the car that’s right for you, and what about cash and credit card payments? For more questions and tips about dealers and the car buying process, visit our FAQ page and check out Used Car Buying Guide.

Reputable Used Car Dealerships

All 4900 of the UCDA members located in Ontario follow the UCDA Code of Ethics – so we won’t need to explain how to find a trustworthy used car dealerships near you! UCDA used car dealers near you and around Ontario strives to give car buyers a safe and reliable used-car buying experience.

Dealer or Private Seller

OK, so now you know how to find a trustworthy used car dealer, but is it better to buy from a dealer or from a private seller, and what are the differences? Well, the main differences are in the ways they approach the following steps: Financing, Paperwork, Certified Pre- Owned, Trade-in, and Legal Protection. Learn more

Find a Used Car for You

Q: Can a dealership find a used car for you?
A: UCDA Used CarDealers have access to much more inventory than you’ll see on their lots. Other dealers, auctions and trade-ins mean that UCDA Used Car Dealers can almost certainly find the car you’re looking for.

Hold a Car

Q: Will used car dealers hold a car for me?
A: Unless you’ve actually signed a bill of sale, used car dealers are under no obligation to hold a car for you. However, there’s no harm in asking!

Credit Cards

Q: Will used car dealers accept credit cards?
A: Used Car Dealers will usually accept a credit card for a down payment on a vehicle. Whether or not you can use your credit card to make the final payment for the vehicle is, however, entirely at the discretion of the dealer.


Most used car dealers have no objections to payment in cash. Alternatively, you might decide to use the dealer’s financing facilities to make your purchase. You can also pay by certified cheque, money order, or bank draft.

More questions? – Visit our FAQ page