What is UCDA?

The UCDA is a not-for-profit association of over 5000 motor vehicle dealers across Ontario.

Our goal is to help foster a fair used vehicle buying experience that safeguards both the consumer and the dealer. Our membership is made up of franchise dealers, independent dealers, truck dealers and leasing companies, located in over 500 municipalities throughout Ontario.

To get a quick idea what is UCDA, see the short video.

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Our Mission

The mission of the UCDA is to enhance the image of the used vehicle industry. This mission is built upon three pillars: representation, education and mediation.

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Our Members

Each of our members is a local, registered dealer with the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC, the government regulator), and contributes to a Consumer Compensation Fund designed to protect consumers.

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Free Mediation

Have a concern about your recent used car buying experience? The UCDA offers a free mediation service led by our specialized legal team to help consumers and dealers resolve any issues. See our Mediation page to find out more.


OntarioCars.ca by UCDA

OntarioCars.ca is a car listing website powered by UCDA

Search for a vehicle

Ontariocars.ca is an online marketplace to bring together car buyers and car dealerships of Ontario.

  • A car listing website is more than just information and pictures; you have to trust it. Ontariocars.ca has taken extra steps to build that trust.
  • All car dealerships in Ontario, and their sales reps, managers, and owners must be registered with OMVIC, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. It regulates car sales in Ontario. All registrants must abide by a code of ethics and comply with prescribed business standards. In addition, though, all car sellers on our website must be members of the Used Car Dealers’ Association and abide by our code of ethics.

Lori Straus

Lori Straus

"All the cars listed on our website are backed by government regulations and our organization’s code of ethics." Read more

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UCDA benefits

UCDA advantages

How does UCDA benefit car buyers and dealers

UCDA for dealers

  • Ontariocars is for UCDA members exclusively
  • Adding Inventory
  • Syndication
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Mobile Technology
  • Live Chat Services

UCDA for car buyers

  • Only Ontario Registered Dealers
  • All In Pricing
  • Full Disclosure
  • No Liens
  • No Illegal Sellers
  • Compensation Fund Protection
  • No Clutter, Just Cars
  • Advanced Technology
  • Regulated Sellers
  • Live Chat Services

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Our duty towards you is to share our experience we're reaching in our work path with you.

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Lien Free

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