About UCDA Members

The UCDA currently represents more than 5000 dealer members who are estimated to account for over 70% of the dealers registered in Ontario who actively participate in the Used Vehicle Industry.

Buying a car from UCDA members

UCDA Members Offer:

There are many advantages to buying a vehicle from a UCDA member: only OMVIC registered dealers, All in pricing, Full disclosure, Lien free, Compensation Fund protection.

With over 5,000 UCDA members across the Province of Ontario, finding a dealer near you is always quick and easy!

All In Pricing

Meaning the price you see is the price you get.

Full Disclosure

Vehicles listed on Ontariocars.ca are sold with full disclosure of all the important details about the vehicle’s history.

No Liens

By law, registered dealers must guarantee there are no outstanding loans on a vehicle they are selling, including all vehicles listed on Ontariocars.ca.

No Illegal Sellers

Only licensed, registered dealers are permitted to list their vehicles on Ontariocars.ca, which means consumers will never be duped by illegal, unlicensed sellers.

Compensation Fund Protection

100% funded by the industry, the compensation fund will compensate consumers with a valid, proven complaint if the purchase is made through a registered dealer.

No Clutter, Just Cars

Ontariocars.ca, a car listing website powered by UCDA members, offers vehicle listings without flashy advertisements distracting consumers from the task at hand.

Regulated Sellers

All sellers are regulated by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act and adhere to the UCDA Code of Ethics.

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Accident Disclosure

When buying a used car, its accident history will affect your decision to buy it or not ..

Lien Free

A lien is a claim that a lender places on a vehicle for lending money to the vehicle’s owner.

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