Used car checklist

Buying a used car helps you completely avoid getting hit with the depreciation in value that all new cars are subjected to as soon as you drive them out of the dealership. On the other hand, as the old saying goes, buying a used car means you’re buying someone else’s problems.

View detailed explanations of used car checkup that should be done prior to buying.

Search for a Used Car

1. Set a budget

Your financial eligibility

Taxes and fees

Ongoing vehicle maintenance

Vehicle price

Insurance rates

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The vehicle will be used primarily for

2. Evaluate your needs


Long distance driving

Leisure activities

Daily commuting

In-town or highway driving

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3. Do your research

Available options and features

Fuel efficiency

Reputation for reliability

Vehicle safety rating

Space and storage

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Ask Yourself

4. Choose your dealer

Is the dealer a UCDA member?

Are you offered any guarantees on the vehicle?

Can your vehicle be serviced locally?

Can you contact the dealer if there are any problems?

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Car buying tips

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Frequently asked question

UCDA members must abide by a Code of Ethics requiring full disclosure about the vehicles they're selling. It requires them to present their vehicles fairly and accurately, to deliver on all promises and to deal with reasonable complaints, promptly.
Most of our members offer a wide variety of financing options, covering the most creditworthy customers to those that are a little more credit challenged. Dealers have access to the major banks other financial institutions and private lenders.
Not really, private sellers typically go to the Internet to see what dealers are charging for a car like theirs. Then they advertise it at or near the dealer's price the dealer's price includes all the legal protections provided by the legislation. An example of this protection is the dealer's compensation fund, if you buy a vehicle and you have proof that the dealer hasn't fulfilled their promises you can make a claim of up to $45,000 this protection is not available for private sales.
UCDA member dealers are located in over 500 towns and cities across Ontario. Look for the UCDA logo in the dealership in the dealer's advertising or use the search tool in this website to find UCDA members near you
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