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Reliable car dealers

UCDA used car dealers are reliable, trustworthy local businesses. The vehicles they offer come with all-in pricing, full accident disclosure, and vehicle guarantees. Many UCDA dealers also offer on-the-spot financing and extended warranties.

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Cars for sale

UCDA runs – a vehicle listing website exclusively for Ontario dealers who are members of UCDA. Search for a car dealer or a used car in Ontario including popular cities: Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, London, Oakville, Barrie, and Ottawa.

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Car dispute help

All UCDA dealers adhere to a Code of Ethics and contribute to a consumer compensation fund, set up especially for your protection. It’s little wonder then that UCDA members feature highly on any list of used car dealers with good reviews.

What is UCDA?

Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario

Buy with confidence from members of UCDA - Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario.

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Car buying tips

Buying a used car

There are four key steps to buying a quality used vehicle. Read our buyer's guide.

Buyer's Checklist

Q: What do I need to know when buying a used car?
A: See our Canadian used car buyers’ guide to learn what you need to do and know in order to buy a used car in Ontario.

Avoid Curbsiders

Q: What are curbsiders and why should they be avoided?
A: Curbsiders are professional scammers who pose as private individuals selling their own personal vehicles. In reality, they’re selling vehicles illegally. Learn more about curbsiders.

Buying from UCDA dealers

Benefit from the following advantages, when purchasing a used vehicle from a member of the UCDA.

Price Negotiation

If you’re planning on buying a used car, remember you are free to negotiate the price, and most used car dealers will negotiate. UCDA Dealers offer all-in pricing, which means the advertised price (plus taxes and licensing) is the most you’ll have to pay.

Car Dealer Fees

Q: What are used car dealer fees?
A: With UCDA dealers the answer is simple: they provide all-in pricing on all used cars. So, the price you see advertised is the price you pay—plus taxes and licensing of course.

Trade In A Car

Q: Will used car dealers buy my car?
A: The answer really depends on the state of your vehicle. However, you can be sure that if a UCDA Dealer, is interested in making a purchase, you’ll get a fair value for your car, and a reduction in the taxes payable on the car you buy.


When buying a used car, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to organize your own financing. These days, you’ll find most used car dealers can arrange financing. Many UCDA used car dealers offer on-the-spot financing and extended warranties.


Many UCDA dealers offer third-party extended warranties on the used cars they sell. For your peace of mind, UCDA dealers always provide warranties from insured warranty companies

Bad Credit

If you want to buy from a used car dealer but have bad credit, or no credit, a UCDA Used Car Dealer may be able to help. Dealers can offer Buy Here Pay Here credit, and have access to prime and sub-prime lenders. Arranging financing through a UCDA Dealer can help you repair or establish your credit.

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